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Woodland for SaleWoodland for Sale in UK is becoming an extremely popular option for land buyers. With land demand skyrocketing in the past several years, people are looking for new options of owning land. The exciting aspect of choosing woodland in the UK is its versatility. For example, land is the ideal location for camping, hiking, enjoying birds and wildlife, climbing, and even things such as paintball or archery. With woodland, the possibilities are truly limitless.

By owning woodland in the UK, you have private land that is perfect for escaping public areas, having land that is all yours! Interestingly, it used to be quite challenging to find woodland in the UK since the number of people having woodland for sale was few. However, while woodland is still not as widely found as other types of land for sale, it is available and most often through private owners or newly created land agents.

The advantages of woodland are many. In this case, you would enjoy a solid investment that would seldom depreciate, something you simply do not find with other types of land in the UK. Then, you would enjoy a number of tax bonuses. Since woodland in the UK is eliminated from the inheritance tax. Therefore, if you were ever to pass the woodland down from generation to generation, the government would not be able to assess taxes, as they would with other types of land.

Another wonderful benefit of woodland in the UK is the cost to acreage. In other words, the investment to purchase woodland is actually quite affordable. In fact, it is common to find wonderful pieces of woodland for sale at £3,000 to £4,000 per acre, something you would never find with other land types. Just keep in mind that with woodland, the land is typically sold in large units but even then, you are getting a great deal for your money.

When buying woodland for sale in UK, the units are generally around 50 acres. Because of this, you often see timber-farming companies grabbing it up but with smaller private landowners, finding much smaller units is certainly possible. If you were unable to locate these smaller units, you might consider working with a reputable land agent who could find acreage of five to 25, depending on what you want.

In addition to enjoying a lower per acreage cost than other UK land, the process of buying woodland is also much easier than what you would find with other land types. Even so, you would be required to pay a solicitor for conveyance, as well as the cost of insurance but this too is considered very affordable, often costing you somewhere around £70 annually.

The most important thing to remember if you were interested in buying woodland in the UK is to take time to visit the land prior to putting any money down. While most land sellers will provide pictures, written descriptions, and sometimes, aerial shots some things simply cannot be captured. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to pay a visit to the woodland property first to make sure it has the right sloping, trees, and ground for your intended use.

Today, we see the number of units of woodland for sale available in the UK increasing. Until recently, buying woodland for private use was something unheard of but with a shortage of land in the UK, this has become a great option. Just be as flexible as you can when it comes to the area you want. For example, the commercial timber-farmers usually buy larger units in Wales or Scotland so you would want to find the areas of the UK that have smaller units. Again, a qualified land agent may be of assistance.

We see more and more people looking for ways to enjoy the quieter life. With such busy schedules, they are looking for a place where they can escape and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Because of this, we see families eager to get their hands on their own personal slice of heaven. Just remember that buying woodland comes with some considerations.

For example, you cannot leave woodland unmanaged for any length of time. This means that even if you purchased just one acre, it would need on-going maintenance. Typically, any felled timber would need to be replaced with new trees. In addition, regulations that fall under the government's Environment Agency would need to be followed. That means anyone, whether professional or private landowner would have to manage the woodland, which requires time and money.

Most often, planning permission for woodland for sale in the UK is not granted when the purchase is for investment purposes. However, temporary structures are usually permitted and caravans are allowed to remain on the property up to 28 days per year. Again, while woodland is not land on which a home could be built, it is a great option for escaping to a quiet place where nature could be enjoyed.

-  James M

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