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Small Holding for Sale in UK

Small HoldingA smallholding is a piece of land that is less than 50 acres. This type of land is typically used for anything you want. In other words, a smallholding for sale would be ideal for a large garden where you could grow plants, vegetables, or flowers for a business or whatever you like. Many times, you will find a smallholding for sale in which more than one person goes in on the price, splitting it out into smaller plots of land. With this, each person can use the land for their own purpose, raising chickens or goats, growing a garden, and so on.

For people who choose a piece of land associated with a smallholding, they can raise chickens so they have a constant supply of fresh eggs, whether to sell or keep. The same is true with meat, some chickens could be raised for eggs and other for food. You could also grow organic foods so every night at the dinner table, you and your family has fresh, healthy food that you grew without using pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Because land for housing in the UK is so priceless and scarce, smallholdings for sale have been hit hard. In other words, people are now snatching smallholdings. The result is the beginning of a problem with availability being created. Probably the most exciting aspect of buying a full smallholding for sale or one divided with other people is that you get the self-satisfaction for growing your own food.

In addition to the financial benefit of sharing the price and upkeep of a smallholding for sale, you are also creating a means of feeding your family that is fun and easy. We recommend you decide on the types of vegetables you want and then get your hands on a few good books that can walk you through the process of getting the soil in top condition, choosing the right seeds, watering, fertilizing, weeding, and everything you need to know to have an amazing garden.

Some people who use a smallholding for growing vegetables or raising chickens or sheep will also create a system of sharing. In other words, one person would raise the chickens, another person the goats, and then another person the vegetables. Then, eggs, milk, meat, and fresh herbs and vegetables can be swapped. This type of exchange system creates a personal coop with everyone working toward a common goal.

Although it will likely take some time to learn the ins and outs of owning a smallholding and being self-sufficient but the yield you will enjoy is what makes it so great. You will have a choice of growing more than you need to swap with other smallholding owners or to sell, or just enough to keep your family fed. You could even choose some types of fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, rhubarb, or grapes. Remember too that many of the vegetables and fruits grown can be frozen or added to pies and then frozen so if you have extra, no problem. In fact, even eggs can be frozen as long as they are provided a little room to expand. Then to thaw them, you simply put out the number you need, letting them sit at room temperature until ready to use.

Getting your hands on a smallholding or portion of a smallholding is an excellent way to invest. The bottom line is that in the UK, the amount of available land versus the level of demand is very imbalanced. Therefore, if you wanted to purchase land for growing, you would find prices to be extremely high. With a smallholding, you have far more flexibility, great prices, and the ability to see a dream come true in a country where land is a priceless commodity.

-  James M


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