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Selling Land

Selling Land in UK

In addition, you want to think about the location of your land, the size, and even potential for future development, all which are important factors. Now, if you do not have planning permission for your land but have agricultural land of ten acres or more, then the Land Registry would come up with figures that determine the value of the land. Keep in mind that if your land is located near existing development then you want someone with expertise since your land may be targeted for future building.

If there is a possibility that your land may need future planning permission due to the location, then "hope value" may be a part of the equation. With this, the person or corporation buying your land would need to expect to pay more than the value of the agricultural land, again because of future development. Although the process of hope value is a little confusing to quantify, you would want to advertise your land on the open market.

Another consideration when selling land is the value of the pony paddocks. This means the land would be dependent without road access. In addition, pony paddock land usually has even land, running water, and available shelter, which would then be used for "ponies". If your land were woodlands, the value of this would be based primarily on the location, as well as road access. Then for Brownfield land, you need to remember that each plot is unique. Therefore, the price of this type of land would have a number of factors to consider for the buyer such as clearing and decontamination, which can be costly and time-consuming.

You might also find investors interested in your land. In this case, they may hold onto the land to build equity or use it for immediate development. Many times, investors would look for land that is located near or next to existing housing although not always. With land in the UK being so scarce, if you happen to have a good piece of land in the right location, you could be lining your pockets well. Just take the time to determine the true value of your land, which as you can see above, depends on a number of things. Then, once the buyer is found, you might consider working with an independent solicitor who will ensure all the legal documentation is complete and accurate.

-  James M

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