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Rural Land

Rural LandToday, the largest segment of land buying in the UK is for rural land for sale. Keep in mind that when we say "rural land", this means land that includes grazing for horses, farmland, and arable land. At one time, rural land in the UK was an affordable way to own a piece of agricultural land for sale and for an amazing per acre price.

It is true that if you look hard, have time to look, and consider working with a land agent that you can still find some great bargains but for the most part, this type of land is high priced and therefore, the target of private investors. Just recently, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors performed an in-depth study finding something very, unique.

While farmland was at one time land used only by farmers, we now see through this and other studies that rural or farmland has the attention of different investors. Because of this, demand for this type of land is brewing into a heated competition with prices on the rise. In fact, this particular study showed that rural land prices had gone up by as much as 30% just within a 12-month period. Even more staggering is that since the early 1990s, prices have skyrocketed by 130%!

Just as with any type of land in the UK, rural land for sale is ranked by location. For this reason, land located in the southeast, near an existing development, and close to a main road is deemed high value. To give you an idea of how much this type of land can bring, prices of £200,000 per acre are not unheard of, making this high demand. In addition, rural land in the UK that is suitable for or in any way connected to equine is also land that can demand a high price. Even a small plot of rural land, but one with equestrian facilities or other top amenities will fetch an incredible price, primarily when in a horsy des-res area.

Now, if you were in the market for rural land, you have two primary options. First, you could work with a land agent, or solicitor or purchase land on your own. While a solicitor can add value, locating land according to your needs, you will also pay good money. However, for some people, having someone locating land and doing a lot of the legwork is worth the investment. In many cases, a solicitor can make the process of buying easier but the key is to choose the right type of person for assistance.

As an example, you could look for rural land for sale along with the services of an independent solicitor. This person is qualified to provide advice, keeping the client in his or her best interest while staying within Law Society regulations. One of the greatest benefits of buying rural land for sale through a solicitor is having someone with experience behind your efforts. This means this person has training and actual hands-on work so all the right questions are asked, some which need to address legal aspects of the sell.

In addition, a solicitor will consider your interest in the rural land for sale, doing everything in his or her power to protect them. Having objectivity works to your advantage, having someone close enough to help, but far enough removed to be objective. You will also enjoy having someone do all the work when it comes to checking the contract and deed for the piece of rural land. This individual will handle any enquiries associated with the local council on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

Then, because many of the documents associated with rural land sales, you do not have to stress about trying to understand them. Instead, the trained solicitor who works with legal documents all the time takes the lead. This means he or she will ensure the piece of land you are interested in buying is actually suitable for your needs. Therefore, while the contracts are read, your ownership rights are also reviewed and then registered with the Land Registry. In other words, a land solicitor can help you find the right rural land and then go through the process of securing the deal.

-  James M

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