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Recreational Land

Recreational landRecreational land in the UK is much like other types of land, meaning supply is short and demand is high. In fact, land is at such a premium that many local authorities fear being forces to make land available to consumers, even if the environment would be impacted. Because of this, a recent proposal was made whereby a planning system would provide more homes, while quashing the undersupply of housing for people who typically cannot afford housing such as first-time buyers and key workers.

To ensure this type of planning system is more flexible, and capable of responding to fast demand via fast reclassification of recreational land, the Planning for Housing Provision is putting things in place. Even the Deputy Prime Minister has declared that when it comes to land and recreational land in the UK, there is certainly room for growth and improvement. The bottom line is that for many years, the UK has had very few homes built, which has resulted in more people who make moderate incomes not being able to afford to buy a home.

This proposal means that the planning system will have the option of responding in a more expedient manner to the recreational land and housing market, as well as the needs of the local people. Because of that, more people can now be build houses when they are needed.

Some of the changes suggested by the Campaign to Protect Rural England are that in no time, countryside would be destroyed. However, several people with the local authority planning need to think about a number of deciding factors when they consider new developments. For instance, specific factors that the sell and purchase of recreational land would encompass include social and environmental impact.

Then, greater weight would be giving to housing more than any other consideration. That means first time land allocation in the UK would be connected to housing prices. Therefore, in specific areas where you would see both high demand and high price, land developers would need to go to the local housing authority and demand development be released.

Keep in mind that some experts have serious concerns. For example, one executive stated that the proposals would mean nothing more than vandalism to the environment. He goes on to say that, a tidal wave of urban sprawl is being unleashed on the UK's countryside. However, he also believes while also taking the most deprived communities, condemning them to complete decay.

What we do know specific to recreational land for sale is that preference would be given to Brownfield land. Under these new proposals, any other sites would have to be made available if supply cannot keep up with demand. However, other experts believe there does not need any additional affordable housing. In this case, the situation of private housing being more affordable is challenged.

Then, the proposals ability to increase the amount of affordable housing by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors was doubted. Instead, these individuals claim that connecting the price of houses with the amount of land being released creates a complicated scenario. In addition, these individuals believe affordability being promoted is simply not likely to happen.

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