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Profit from Plot of Land Sale

Profit from Plot of Land SaleIt used to be that you could buy a house, sit on it for a while, and then sell for a profit but today in the UK, making a profit means first finding a good plot of land, securing planning permission, and then building if you want. If you can find land and get the planning permission, you could take an average detached house and make a profit.

Because of the potential for such profit, we now see a growth in the number of agencies that help people find land. However, for this to be successful, the land agents must have a massive network, years of experience, and knowledge of land in the UK. This includes understanding building regulations, architecture, planning policy, highway engineering, and even local politics.

Another consideration has to do with the need to have access to funds since money on plots of land are not necessarily clear development candidates. In other words, chances are the bank manager will see the operation as a risk, refusing to lend money. For this reason, securing the funds upfront is crucial in most cases. Because of this, many town planners and surveyors are creating networks of people that find plots of land and help guide people to funding opportunities.

You will find a few great firms in the UK that buy plots of land in which licensees can identify and then sell by using connections with developers. Keep in mind that the plot finder does not borrow money or locate the buyer. However, if done right, the potential benefits are high, many times including 30% commission on a sale of at least ?100,000.

For people looking for accreditation, ?10,000 must be put up and then a three-month special course attended. Now, land surveyors or town planners still have to go through special training but the process is not as lengthy. For licensees, they are given a main area around where they live. With this, the area is small enough to concentrate on but large enough that a profit can be made.

Although there is a level of uncertainty related to the market, earnings of licensees would not be affected. Now, while this approach has worked in many instances, you will find yet another option for turning worthless land into profit. For instance, you will find some town planners not charging for training. In addition, these planners will take potential plots of land earlier in the process. This means while rewards are not as large, usually around 1%, they do still provide some profit.

The truth is that today, you cannot make money on land in the UK like you used to years ago. You have to be smart and understand the process of finding land, securing funds, and planning permission. The good news is that if you are in the market for land and want to turn it into a significant profit, you can. However, to accomplish this, you may need to work with a trained professional.

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