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Land for Pony Paddock

Land for Pony PaddockA pony paddock in the UK is a sub-section of equestrian land that is highly effective and convenient. The term "pony paddock" is used to describe small acreage of grazing land on which people keep a few horses or ponies. This land is typically small acreage or it might be situated in an odd location that would only be suitable for this purpose and nothing more. Although you might think a pony paddock is easy to find and affordable, the truth is a pony paddock is in high demand in the UK, thus it came draw a good price. In fact, a pony paddock is the most expensive per acre grazing land in the UK.

Unfortunately, finding a pony paddock in the UK is tough due to short supply. Then when you add in the fact that so many people are trying to find one, demand versus supply has created a serious challenge. Because of the way in which the land is laid out, it is perfect for a pony, which is a small horse generally less than 14.2 hands, thus the name, "pony paddock". When compared with larger pieces of land used for grazing, the pony paddock provides a home for smaller horses that makes them hardier and easier to keep.

Since ponies do not always require a stable as you would need with larger horses, the pony paddock offers a healthy environment. In addition, a pony does not need as much grazing land or space as a larger horse would, which is why a pony paddock is such as ideal solution. If you were to have a half an acre to one acre, your pony would be completely happy, having enough grazing all year long. On the other hand, if you had a full size horse, you would need double what a pony needs.

Another benefit to owning a pony paddock is that in addition to the perfect space for the pony, it is setup perfectly for children. In other words, for families with children, finding time to keep a pasture clean and horses sheltered and fed requires a lot of time, which means time away from the children. However, with a pony paddock, you can check the ponies daily to ensure they have feed and water, and then other than that, provide them with some hay in the wintertime. This means you can enjoy ponies while still having ample time with the family.

Keep in mind that in addition to keeping ponies in a pony paddock, you could also use this land for other species. However, as the name indicates, a pony paddock is designed specifically for the smaller horse. As mentioned, the price of a pony paddock is steep. To give you an idea, you could easily pay £10,000 or more per acre. When compared to standard grazing land in the UK, this is almost double. Now, you also want to consider that if the pony paddock were located in a des-res horsy area, which would include an area like Surrey or New Forest, the price would go for as much as £30,000 per acre.

While a pony paddock offers many wonderful benefits, specific to the upkeep of the land and the animal, you have to expect that you will pay. Then when you couple in the fact that demand versus supply is so imbalanced, you would need to be patient and consider all your options. Because of this, you will find many people choosing regular grazing land and just dealing with the added work instead of forking out so much money for a pony paddock. However, if you have time and consider working with a reputable land agent, you might have better luck finding the perfect pony paddock within a reasonable price range.

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