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Planning Permission Guide

Land ArticlesPlanning Permission is of course the official confirmation that your building plans are legal. If you intend to build or alter a property it is essential that you obtain planning permission prior to starting the project, or you might find that all your money and hard work goes to waste. If your application for planning permission is turned down you receive 'planning refusal' which will detail the reasons for the outcome. You can appeal against the decision by referring it to the DETR. (Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions)

Town and Country Planning is the legal system governing UK land development.

The DETR (Department of the Environment and the Regions) is the government organisation that manages the Town and Country Planning System.

Planning Departments are found in local government offices - this is where many of the decisions relating to development proposals and planning permission are made.

Though less hated than traffic wardens, Planning Officers are not the most popular of officials. They usually work for local councils and their job is to produce development plants and asses planning applications.

Planning Committees composed of elected local council members make the country's development and planning decisions.

Development Plans are the various planning policy documents that offer planning guidelines for particular areas of the country at Regional, County, District/Borough or Unitary Authority level. The plans are composed of detailed publications that outline the policies and proposals for land use. The desired outcome is that land is used efficiently and effectively used in the public interest to meet the needs of the area whilst complying with national planning guidelines.

A Planning Application is the method of getting planning permission to carry out work. There is plenty of information available on and offline detailing the best ways to make an application.

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