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Land SalesBecause of scarcity of land in the UK, land sales are a great investment opportunity. Although all types of land are becoming harder to find, freehold land is by far the most difficult. Then, when you consider that the population in the UK is rising, this makes land sales even more challenging to secure. Keep in mind that there are large areas of land in the UK but much of it is protected from development and will be for many years to come.

However, we now see the government realizing the vast need for housing. With this, even the Prime Minister stated that ruling out specific tracts of land for development would be completely irresponsible. By hearing, this admission directly from the government means the possibility for private investors to make huge profits by purchasing land with planning restrictions increasing. This type of land is called Greenfield, which can be purchased in small plots that are affordable. In fact, when associated with planning permission, these smaller plots could be worth a lot more money.

Along with the interest on a large investment return, we also see people in the UK showing interest in the purchase of land for building a home. People want to have the opportunity to build a home but with scarcity of land and the high price of building, it is simply not a dream everyone can achieve. The good news is that when a person builds a home, the savings can be as great as 30% of the market value. Therefore, the immediate outlay of money is greatly reduced, as well as the amount of the loan.

If you were interested in purchasing land, we recommend you consider using the services of a land agent. This individual is highly trained and skilled, helping you find the right plot of land for the right price. By using independent advice, your best interests under the law will be the focus. Then, you benefit from the experience of the land agent, someone who knows about land issues and works with them ongoing.

In addition, a land sales agent provides you with a higher degree of security, meaning all the contract and deed information will be carefully checked for accuracy and fairness. The land sales agent also has the responsibility of making any inquiries with the local council, working with legal documents that can be somewhat tricky to handle. This means your investment of the land sale, whether for development or self-builds, is protected.

-  James M

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