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Land Investment

If you were looking for a solid investment, something tangible, then you should consider land investment. Buying land is an option that individuals and land developers can consider. In the past two decades, we have seen the value of land used for residential development growing by a staggering 926%! While buying land offers many outstanding benefits, the fact of this being a tangible investment makes it something extraordinary.

How Many reasons do you need to start investing in "Land"?

  • It's hard to forget the damage that the dotcom crash caused to many investors' portfolios at the beginning of the decade. Since then many people are more wary of investing in large quantities of shares

  • Owning land is traditionally associated with wealth, power and status and becoming a landowner still has a large element of prestige

  • Investment land and building plots for sale provide a solid and secure long term investment for you and your family's future

  • As well as gains made through increases in value, land may also provide additional benefits, for example its use for recreation

  • Land cannot be manufactured - it is limited and its value is rising. Pieces of land for sale are getting smaller, while prices are getting bigger

  • It has become a clich to say "I wish I had bought that years ago when it was cheaper" - learn from this!

  • A strong land investment portfolio can help you in the future when school and university fees of your children begin to add up

  • More millionaires are made through real estate than any other way

  • If you position yourself well, then buying and selling land can be a fun, lucrative process

  • You can invest as little or as much as you want

  • You can get out when ever you want.

  • Property developers have known for years that investing in land is a good move but now, we see private parties getting in on the opportunity. Land investment is such an incredible option that in general, the process is easier than if you were buying a home. For instance, you would first identify the plot of land interested in, which can be done through a number of online resources to see if the land you want is even available, and then from there, you purchase the property, completing all the necessary paperwork.

    Now, while land investment is a "good move", keep in mind that you need to consider some of the other factors involved with this process. For example, while you would not typically be required to put out more initial money than if buying a home, there is an upfront cost. In addition, you need to think about the ongoing cost of maintenance that must be paid before you will ever see a return on the investment. Even so, maintenance fees are still manageable.

    "The value of residential land has increased on average, across the UK, by 926% over the past 20 years (Source: BBC)."

    When looking into land management in the UK, you need to remember that because land is so scarce, it is always a good investment. Finding good plots of land to invest in is challenging. Then when you consider that the need for more housing in the UK has increased, the price of land has pushed even higher. Keep in mind that large plots of land are under the protection of the UK, scheduled for future development but with housing needs being so significant, keeping the protection around the land is not realistic. In fact, many people in the UK believe holding this land back is unethical.

    "More money has been made through land investment throughout history than through any other form of investment, including common stocks, gold, or even the ownership of rental properties."

    Since land investment promises great returns on the money, land is being snatched up quickly, allowing people to experience their dream of building or owning a home. Because of this, we see self-build also growing, which can easily save people as much as 30% from having a home built for them. This means that people are getting involved with land investment, building their dream home, and providing an opportunity for up to 70% of the home value to be borrowed. In other words, when individuals borrow less than the full value of the home, they automatically have something on which to fall back should the market take a negative turn.

    The Royal Institute of Surveyors recently reported that the price of rural land for sale in the UK had risen by 30% in 2004 and in a survey by Halifax it was reported that residential land prices have risen 8 fold over the past two decades. By way of comparison the average UK house price has risen by 3 fold in the same period.

    Although land investment is a hot commodity throughout the UK, it is especially strong in the southeast region of England. To give you an idea of how much you can get back when getting involved with land investment, consider that 20% of the top 100 rich people in the UK are involved with land development. However, you too as a residential investor can enjoy the same type of benefits. The time to get involved with land investment is now. In the next three to four years, experts estimate that this region of the UK will see more than one million more people. Therefore, if you want to own property and your own home learn all you can today about land investment before the rush pushes you out.


    -  James M

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