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Returns from Land Investments

Land ArticlesInvesting in plots of land for sale in the UK has proven to be a very profitable venture for those who have had the ability and capital to invest in land in the past. Returns on investing in such plots of land for sale have outperformed those gained from stock market investments offer the last few years, and investors can expect significant windfall gains should their plot of land be granted planning permission.

If you consider that land agents are offering 0.12 acre plots of land for sale in certain areas for £10,000, and similar sized plots in the same locality with planning permission can sell for well over £100,000, it is clear to see the potential return on such an investment. In addition to the speculative investment one can make on whether the land will gain planning permission, the land owner can actually utilise and enjoy his/her investment whilst they wait for this. In addition, the land will rise in value in real terms, and at current rates, land is rising at a greater rate than property.

As a land-owner, you may wish to re-sell your plot of land at a later date, gaining on the value of the land accumulated in the years in which you own it. Alternatively, you may wish to hang onto to plot of land and wait for planning permission to be granted before building on it. Should you go down this route, you can expect substantial savings in building your own house, possibly up to 40% on the market value of your completed property. This is an excellent safety buffer when considering that the mortgage you require will only be 60% of the value of your property, so you will be relatively unaffected by any downturn in the property market. Furthermore, should you choose to sell your property, and the market is favourable, you can expect to make upwards of 40% profit.

Land without residential planning permission in the long term can also prove to be a worthwhile investment with excellent returns. The land itself, as previously outlined, will rise in value due to the high demand and limited supply in the UK, and the landowner may choose to host leisure activities on the land such as paint-balling, quad biking etcthat will not require the same level of planning permission as building a fixed dwelling would. This would provide an income to the land owner, whilst not actually taking anything away from the rising value of the land.

The returns from investing in plots of land for sale in the UK are significant, and gain substantial if the plot of land you purchase is granted residential planning permission. Should this happen to your plot of land, you can expect a windfall return on your investment. When you consider that land prices have risen a staggering 8 fold over the past 20 years, in comparison to property prices only increasingly 3 fold, it is well worth investing in plots of land for sale and subsequently anticipate substantial returns on your investment in time.

-  James M

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