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Land for Shooting - Fishing Rights

Land for ShootingWhen looking at land in the UK, you will find a number of different land types. While some people will buy land for personal use, you also find a number of people who use land merely for investment potential. In fact, a recent study showed that the price of farmland in the UK has climbed by 25%, compared to 7% a year earlier. The great thing about any type of land is that most is a useable asset.

For instance, you will find building land or land in the UK that has planning permission. With this, you could purchase land on which to build a new home. Of all land types in the UK, this type of land accounts for 40%. The downside is that building land or land with planning permission is expensive. To give an idea, you could easily buy a nice sized building plot in the southeast for around £200,000.

For this reason, building land on which to build a home must have complete right of access. Keep in mind that this type of land is sometimes sold where it can only be accessed with what is called a Ransom Strip, which is a piece of land not owned by you but allows you access in and out of your home. Unfortunately, in addition to paying for the actual land, you would also have to pay for the ransom strip, which can easily cost as much as £15,000 and more.

Another type of land found in the UK is pony paddocks or in other words, livestock grazing land. Whether using the land for horses or ponies, this type of land has a definite market following. The key requirements however include location of the land as well as access to the land. Finding a piece of land that has both location and access will cost you, generally as much as £50,000. However, in addition to the horses and ponies, this type of land is used for sheep, pigs, chickens, donkeys, goats, and even llamas.

Then, you have woodlands in the UK, which finding private land for this is a challenge. Typically, woodlands is used for a number of outdoor activities, which might include cycling, walking, archery, tree climbing, and the fun game of paint balling. Woodlands are also used for things such as caravanning and camping but in most cases, these types of activities are limited to just 28 days out of the year. In addition, you cannot build any type of a permanent structure on woodlands, which includes tree houses and sheds.

Finally, you have land in the UK that is specifically for shooting and fishing, a favourite pastime of many. However, this type of land is rare since you would either need fishing rights or land suitable for shooting. As far as fishing, the land would have to have a canal frontage, river, or large lake stocked with fish. Since finding such land is difficult, you do not see many people trying to find it. In addition to having the water, you would also need to gain fishing rights from the person who owned the land previously.

The same type of challenges is present for the shooting aspect. For safety reasons, the land would have to be open space and woodland. Now, you can find shooting land a little easier than fishing land. In this case, the land has been planted with trees and woodland or existing woodland has been cleared strategically to provide proper coverage. With this, you could hunt for a variety of wild animals while still having the needed protection for hiding. In either case, you might consider working with a qualified land agent, someone who can find the exact type and size of land needed but most importantly, in the right location and at the right price.

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