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Land Agents

When it comes to the process of buying land in the UK and finding that perfect building site for sale, land agents can provide you with the necessary experience and knowledge. Since private sales come with potential risks and land sales seem to have hidden information that prospective buyers should know about, you definitely want to use the services of a land agent. The guidance these experts provide is unmatched, possibly saving you significant money. While anyone can benefit from the services provided by land agents, first time land buyers are helped the most.

Unfortunately, finding a dedicated land agent, one that will stand on your side and fight for what is legally and morally right is somewhat challenging. Therefore, when you begin your search for a land agent, you want someone who not only has years of experience and special knowledge, but also someone that will make locating the best land or you their number one goal. These professionals should have access to a wide network of connections, finding great plots of land that have not yet become public knowledge.

Once the land has been identified, the land agent should have the expertise to provide you with advice on what land for sale is and is not suitable for purchase. In addition, when it comes to UK land sale without having planning permission, the land agent would again provide you with solid guidance regarding any possible development prospects, as well as the timeline required to develop the land. As you can see, land agents are valuable and with land shortages in the UK along with greater interest in buying land, this person would be of huge benefit.

Today, the UK is seeing so much growth and demand for new housing and land that getting your hand on your own site is difficult. With a land agent, he or she may have specific plots of land on the books that others are not aware of or have other valuable information. A land agent can be an independent worker also called a charter surveyor or estate agent. However, the responsibilities are somewhat different. Even so, you might find a charter surveyor that is capable of acting as a land agent.

If you find a chartered surveyor, you want to make sure they are licensed to act on your behalf when it comes to purchasing land. The same would be true if you find a specialist land agent. In this case, the individual should be associated with a larger organization or some type of institution. This person should have leeway to find you the perfect property or at least ensure your piece of land is not plagued by problems.

When working with a land agent, this professional should be working on your behalf, looking for certain things. For example, a land agent should start by having your permission to shop around for the best land. Then, they should take the lead in making sure the land has nothing seriously wrong. Additionally, your land agent should follow up on literally everything to ensure the buying process is easy and without unexpected challenge.

Now, because a land agent does so much work, he or she will come at a price. However, while they will charge you some type of finder's fee, you need to look at how much their services provided. For starters, you can avoid having to take time off from work to locate various plots of land. Then when you consider the phone calls and footwork needed to make sure the land is in good shape, you can see how valuable the land agent's services really are. The time and effort they save you is worth the investment.

The good news is that many times, the cost of the land agent will be added into the price of the plot of land. Therefore, you can finance the entire cost, making things much easier. Considering that land in the UK is becoming an exceedingly popular form of investment because land is so scarce. For instance, freehold land is exceptionally hard to come by, which is why the services of land agent are so vital. While large areas of land in the UK have long been protected from development for a long time, the government is now starting to allow new housing to keep up with the growing demand. That means you are competing against many other people for precious land. Therefore, the more you can do to get ahead of the game the better.

Whether a first-time homebuyer or someone looking to build a new home, the rewards of using a land agent are huge. Remember, land is a tangible investment that provides considerable returns. As an example, in the past year alone, farmland prices have shot up by 30% and since 1990, more than 130%. Now is the time to get serious about buying land in the UK because in a year or two, the prices will be much higher and land scarcer. With the assistance of a land agent, you can.

-  James M

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