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Uses of Investment Land

Investment plot of landOne of the many benefits of investing in land is its tangibility. It is an investment you can actually physically use and enjoy whilst owning it, compared to share certificates that just occupy space in your bottom drawer. A piece of land can be enjoyed for its physical form, and the open space and benefit from it is something that can be very valuable. Should the land be left to its natural state, it is a benefit that everyone seeing the land or visiting the area can appreciatealthough aesthetic benefits cannot be quantified, most people can relate to the enjoyment of open spaces, especially those who live and work in cities.

Your investment plot of land can also be of benefit to the local area, especially if it occupies a woodland site. Woodland has actually been found to provide significant benefits to those seeking relaxation and avoid stress, as well as the physical value it can add to an area. Such land can help increase tourist revenue in an area, and directly benefit shops and services close by. Although very obvious, such benefits of your investment in land do not cost you, the plot owner, any additional expense.

Should planning permission for leisure use be obtained for your investment land, you may be able to generate substantial profits by renting out your land for social events using marquees, leisure activities such as golf, paint balling, horse riding etc.. Such activities will generate returns for the land owner in two ways. Firstly, the rental of the land will provide an income, and the planning permission obtained to grant such activities will also add value to the plot as potential buyers will be attracted to land for its intrinsic value, and also the potential profit that can be derived from owning it.

Self-builders may choose to invest in land with the long term view to build their own property, and make substantial savings in property prices. Those who choose to investment in plots of land for this goal must understand that planning permission cannot be guaranteed by the companies selling investment land, and it is a speculative investment. Should self-builders be granted planning permission on their investment land however, they can expect substantial long term savings, or returns should they choose to build their property before selling it.

-  James M

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