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Industrial Land

The Code of Good Practice all started in the early 1990s when people interested in renting or leasing commercial and industrial land wanted more adaptability in the industry, specific to review methods and lease durations. What you will discover is that the "code" provides you with viable options that are affordable. In fact, this "code" provides you with 10 specific recommendations when it comes time to negotiate the lease on industrial land. Then, the "code" provides 13 additional recommendations specific to the duration of the lease.

Although the Code of Good Practice is not intended to provide in-depth technical advice, it is designed to provide you with valuable information to think about before you seal the deal on industrial land, again in England and Wales. Written as a plain guide to commercial and industrial leases, the "code" helps both the selling and buying parties. This one piece of information will show you the appropriate questions to ask and issues to address so you find the best land for the best price.

Remember that industrial land sale in the UK can sometimes be tricky. For example, if you found industrial Brownfield land, you would need to consider the cost and time involved for cleanup and decontamination. By using the "code", you will understand how to offer flexible leases that include some or all of these expenses. While you can make a purchase or lease on your own or with the assistance of a professional land agent, the Code of Good Practice is a great tool that can be used as well. Simply put, this information ensures you get what you expect and what you deserve instead of ending up with a piece of industrial land that will do nothing to help further the growth and success of your business.

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