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Grazing Land

Grazing landGrazing land in the UK is land that is used for various types of grazing animals, as well as the owners. Therefore, you will find many different levels or quality of grazing land for sale depending on your specific needs. Each species of animal has very different needs. Take sheep as an example, a common animal kept in the UK. Sheep hare extremely hardy and very versatile. Because of that, you could purchase grazing land for sale consisting of pastures, Welsh valleys, or even grazing land on mountainsides. On the other hand, cows need non-flooding pastures.

Grazing land is again used for both animals and people. In other words, while you might want a nice pasture for the animals to feed, you would want a plateau location for you where you could build your dream home. When looking to buy grazing land in the UK, the price you pay would depend on various factors such as supply, quality of the land, and of course, the location, which is a huge factor.

As you will discover with all farmland in the UK, prices will climb and fall, which is directly related to the topology of the region where the land is located. If you were to look at grazing land for sale in Wales, you could easily pay a low price of £1500. Now, because the quality of the grazing land is not as good as other locations, prices are very affordable. However, remember that sheep and other types of animals do not need quality land so this would be perfect.

If you had cows, horses, or other animals that need better quality land, then Wales would not be your first choice. Many people who have horses use them for show or keep them as riding pets. Therefore, they are far more likely to invest in quality land and location. Keep in mind that good grazing land for horses and cows is land that drains well, open pasture space, hedging for protection and shelter, and mature growth for food.

Other considerations for grazing land for sale needed for cattle and horses would include not buying more than five acres. You also want to choose grazing land that has a good location, making it easier for you to reach your horses to ride. In fact, many people with land for horses also look for land where a home can be built. Because this type of grazing land for sale is considered prime, the price would be much different from what you would pay in Wales. For example, paying up to £30,000 would be considered the norm.

If you look at the price of grazing land as a whole throughout the UK, prices generally range between £1500 and £5000, which is much more affordable than the high cost of areas such as Wilshire or New Forest.

The challenge with grazing land for sale in the UK is that the prices continue to climb. In fact, as housing and land in the cities and suburbs becomes scarcer, many people are considering grazing land as an alternative option. To help you locate the best grazing land possible, you might consider working with a professional service that can listen to your specific needs and wants, and then begin the search for you. These professionals are knowledgeable and skilled, working closely with you to make the process as painless as possible.

The bottom line is that land values in the UK are climbing. Starting out as £1500 ten years ago, we have seen a 78% increase per annum. Today, the average cost of grazing land for sale is £13,380 per acre, which is based on a national average to include the Welsh Hills, Scottish highlands, Fens, and Moors. Of course, as you look for grazing land in more affluent areas, you will see the cost per acre reaching between £15,000 and £22,500. Even so, if you have good resources and take your time to consider all the options for grazing land, you can find some great land for great prices. The key is to consider everything and be persistent.


-  James M

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