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Farm Land

Farm LandIf you are interested in farmland in the UK, keep in mind that agricultural and Greenbelt land are much the same. In other words, UK farmland for sale encompasses agricultural land, which is also called bareland. Bareland is the reference to farmland for sale but land without any home or other buildings attached. Therefore, when shopping around, you want to remember that the price between farmland for sale and bareland is different. Just two years ago, a special study was performed that showed the average cost of farmland in the UK was around £10,000. However, the average cost of bareland is much less, averaging £7,000.

Although all types of land in the UK are in high demand, making it difficult to find the perfect plot, you will find good land if you remain persistent and consider multiple options. For example, you can look at the village of Dunton Green, located close to the town of Sevenoaks. There, you can find a one-acre plot of land that is well drained and flat, and at an affordable price.

Of course, the more affordable areas of the UK are in rural areas but for the price, it would be worth the commute. As you can imagine, some areas of farmland are in strong demand, particularly the southeast regions of the UK where non-farmers want to buy farmland for sale so they have more room to move around without being cramped. In addition, people in the southeast are battling against traditional land for home building and since it is so scarce, they have turned to farmland as an alternative.

Today, we see the farmland sales in the southeast areas of the UK reaching an upwards growth to 75%! The interesting fact is that again, these individuals are not even farmers. Instead, 62% were private parties or investors. Then, 6% accounts for institutional investors, 6% being developers, and then 1% falling within the miscellaneous category. Now, if you were to look at farmland in areas such as Humberside or Yorkshire, 65% of the people buying farmland were specifically for agricultural purposes while just 35% was for non-farmers.

What we see is a trend of more farmland being sought than ever before. When you consider farmland, you are looking at two primary options. The first is the farm estate, which has a home, outbuildings, and other on-site structures. Then, you have the undeveloped farmland for sale, which is your basic field. Because of such diversity, the price range is vast.

Keep in mind that while land in the UK is difficult to get your hands on, you will find more available farm land for sale than other types of land. For this reason, more people are snatching up farmland even if they do not farm. Of course, because of this, we expect to see a reduction of available farmland along with building lots. If you head to the upper end, you would find farmland traded in vast quantities, whether as small plots or large plots. In addition, farm land is being purchased both with and without buildings. In other words, with a shortage of other land types and the availability of farmland, it too is starting to sell fast.

Just as price varies, so does the quality of the farmland. In this case, marginal land would not be deemed suitable because it generally has steep slopes, poor drain off, and the soil could be rocky or simply too shallow. Because of this, growing crops would be near impossible. With this type of land, you would not be able to use it for crops or grazing. However, if you want land to build a home, open space for the family, then marginal land would work.

Other conditions to consider when you purchase farmland include:

- Think about security, making sure your fields are easily visible from the home or other outbuildings

- If you plan to keep animals, make sure any existing fencing is in good condition or it would need to be replaced

- Work with a professional land agent to help you find the perfect plot of farmland

-  James M

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