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Equestrian Land

equestrian land for saleIf you were interested in equestrian land for sale in the UK, the key is finding land with good hacking. Because equestrian land is prime the price per acre, as set by the New Forest commands is outrageous. Unfortunately, even finding equestrian land for sale in the greater London area of the UK is something people are trying to get their hands on. Just remember, most often you would need the facilities that go along with equestrian land. Since you would have horses and perhaps other animals kept on the land, you need to make sure there is water, lights for riding, level ground, and so on.

One of the most important factors associated with equestrian land for sale in the UK is that finding anything less than 20 acres is difficult. However, the land you do find is generally well-drained and excellent grazing land. One of the most beautiful areas located less than an hour outside of London is called Chiltern Hills. There, the land is in a location close to Little Chalfont, a wonderful historic village with excellent riding.

Typically, people involved in horses want only the best land. While some equestrians are happy with just a couple of acres of equestrian land, most prefer more. However, if you want this type of land, remember you can always erect a field shelter for the horses to keep them protected in the hot summers and cold winters. Then, if you want to ride in the evening, you could set up temporary torches. While this type of situation is not ideal, it is possible.

Tired of paying high prices for boarding horses, we see the demand for equestrian land growing. People who are serious about riding, breeding, and showing are now reaching out to buy their own land. Although this does not work for every equestrian, it is certainly an option. However, remember that depending on your personal situation, you might have to balance your private home and cost of living to manage buying equestrian land for sale.

We cannot stress the importance of looking beyond just the equestrian land. In other words, the land is just the foundation on which to build. As mentioned briefly, you would need to ensure the quality of the pasture is good enough for the maintenance of the horses, as well as for riding. Then, you need stock proof fencing, or better yet, good hedging. The last thing you want is to worry about your animal's safety. Finally, you need a good water supply. From that point, you can decide what other things you want on the equestrian land for sale as far as shelter and lights.

Then, you need to give some serious thought to the location of the equestrian land for sale. While some people will need to be a little more flexible, we strongly recommend you consider locations that are within a 15 to 20 minute drive by car. The reason for this is more than just convenience - it is also for safety. Should something happen while riding, you want quick access out to get help.

Next, you need to think about the size of the equestrian land for sale. Again, if you have just one, possibly two horses, a one or two acre plot of equestrian land would suffice. However, if the quality of the land were poor, that would certainly not be the right choice. The best option if possible would be to purchase two acres for every one horse. Of course, if you can purchase more that would be even better.

Just be sure the equestrian land you choose provides you with good access in and out. Remember, you will need to haul food and hay if you do not have a shelter. Therefore, you want to be able to back your vehicle up as close to the fence as possible. Otherwise, you would be lugging heavy items a great distance. Over time, this type of activity would become difficult, meaning you would soon lose interest in the keeping of horses.

For water, you want to make sure there is water supply going to the stable or fenced in area where the horses are kept. This will save you time and effort in having to carry in water. As far as shelter, the horses must be provided with adequate protection from the hot sun and harsh winter elements. This means keeping your horses from becoming injured or ill. Your equestrian land will also need proper fencing, again to ensure your horsed do not become injured or escape.

Finally, think about security for your equestrian land for sale. Chances are if you were buying land, you have a prized horse that cost a pretty penny. Therefore, you need to ensure the horses are on land with a secure gate, good lighting, and in a location where crime rates are low.

-  James M

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