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Development Land

When it comes to development land for sale in the UK, you will find a number of people interested in making an investment. However, the problem is that trying to pay for land that could be used for developmental purposes is expensive and sometimes, difficult to find. Just remember that investing in development land means you will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of large gains that are typically a part of this type of property investment.

Considering that, land values in the UK have grown at dramatic rates and consistently for the past several years, buying development land is a great option. In fact, studies show that land as an investment opportunity has far outperformed housing over the past two decades. That means by investing in development land, you get the benefit of watching the value of the land increase, as well as the houses or apartment built on the land.

When you purchase development land for sale as an investment, you will watch the value grow in two primary ways. First, the property value will climb because of the demand that is not overtaking supply. Second, planning permission to build on your land gives you another gain. If you want to consider Greenfield land, you can really see benefit. For instance, the value of Greenfield land has increased by a staggering 229% in the past 10 years! In addition, the government has now agreed to build 40% of all new houses on Greenfield sites with the remaining 60% on Brownfield sites.

Look at it this way, investing in development land for sale is a lot cheaper than if you wanted to buy standard brick and mortar property. Today, the average cost of a house in the UK is around £200,000. However, the price of a residential size piece of land on the market in the same are would cost only £10,000. When you then consider that you or someone else can come along to build the home cheaper than buying, you can see that development land is an excellent choice all the way around.

Without doubt, strong demand is key when it comes to development land for sale. Today, the supply of land in the UK is beginning to diminish. However, we still see an insatiable demand for more land. The reason is that towns and cities are becoming over populated so people have to start looking outward. Yes, putting hard-earned money down on development land for an investment is a little bit nerve-wracking, especially when you see the rise and fall in property and land values. However, with prices being where they are today and land becoming more and scarcer, this is the time to take action.

Just to give you some idea of how the development land sector is moving, consider that in Ashford, Kent, prices for land are starting around £10,000. Then, by the order of the Deputy Prime, this city will have 31,000 new houses built. In Banstead, Surrey, land prices start around £11,150. For this, development land is for sale within the M25 on the north, which is a rare opportunity.

Then if you look at Banstead, Surrey for Lakers Rise, land is a little higher but still reasonable at £14,500. Close to the A23, which is Brighton Road and eight miles inside the M25, you will find this to be an ideal opportunity for development land investment. Banstead, Surry at Soloms Court Road has land starting at just £10,000. For development land investment, this site is an excellent opportunity. Finally, Braughing, Hertfordshire has a site starting at just £7,950 that offers two sites in the East Herts District that would be a great investment specific to development land for sale.

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