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Agricultural Land

Agricultural land for saleAgricultural land for sale in the UK is becoming more and more an option for people wanting to buy land and build a dream home. Although agricultural land is available in a number of locations, some of the more popular choices are found in Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Somerset, Essex, and Warwickshire. Because land for building homes is difficult to find in the UK, we see the number of non-farmers now looking to agricultural land as a great alternative.

When looking for agricultural land, you will find it categorized by arable land and grazing land. The arable land is actually the most type of agricultural land in demand, as well as being the most profitable. Because there is a limited supply and demand is growing, you would want to locate arable land as soon as possible and expect to pay more than you would for grazing land. Then, you have the grazing land option, which is more common. In addition, grazing land is not confined in the same way for needs, soil content, and location as you would see with agricultural land.

In the UK, agricultural land is also referred to as bareland, which basically, is farmland but without any residences or attached structures. Typically, you see agricultural land purchased for a business investment. In this case, the land would not require any type of planning permission, which would change the purpose of the land. However, as mentioned, with land in the UK being so difficult to find, we now see agricultural land being snatched up as land on which to build a home.

If you look at the price of arable land, you would see that it ranges in price anywhere from £1500 to £5600 per acre. However, grazing land where the quality of soil is not quite as important, the price drops dramatically. Now, you need to remember that some locations for agricultural land are in high demand. Because of that, prices for one acre could easily reach upwards to £30,000.

In most cases, you would see the prime locations of agricultural land for sale being sold to private investors. In fact, investors are now looking at agricultural land for sale in the UK instead of the more traditional stocks and bonds because the return is so much better. Then again, non-farmers see this same opportunity. This means you too could purchase agricultural land and enjoy two benefits - a great place on which to build your dream home and land that will provide you with an excellent return should you decide to sell.

The interest in agricultural land for sale has increased so much that in the past ten years numbers have shot up 130%. Keep in mind that this also means just as we currently see a shortage of standard building land in the UK, it could be that unless stricter guidelines for buying are placed on agricultural land, it too could become scarce. Because of this, we are now beginning to see some changes in the way agricultural land is handled.

For instance, administrations in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are now allocating entitlement to new payments on a basis different from what you see in England. This means that in England, the basis is based on a hybrid system whereby payment dominates in the beginning but over eight years, payment is reduced and then eventually, replaced by a flat rate payment.

However, administrations in Scotland and Wales state entitlement would be allocated to farmers on a historic basis only whereas Northern Ireland would be a static hybrid option. Because of the vast difference, some potentially complex challenges for cross-border holdings have been created.

Another factor associated with buying agricultural land is finding it. With competition growing, you might consider working with a land agent. This professional has the skill and expertise required to not just find the land but also work out all the details of the transaction. While you pay for this person's services, the outcome would be you getting the ideal plot of land for your individual needs without spending tremendous time and effort finding it. If you want to build a home but cannot find good traditional land, you might think about building on agricultural land for sale instead.


-  James M

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